Crow’s Nest BBS


Be sure to read the Release Notes and the Installation Notes before downloading and installing the software. If you are converting from a previous version of GAP BBS, the Release Notes contain important instructions that you must follow in order to convert your existing data files.

File Size Date Notes
Ver 6 Release Notes 5k 7/27/16 Several Release Notes for Version 6 of GAP BBS.
gapnew.txt 5K 9/6/99 Release Notes for Version 6.6 of GAP BBS.
install.txt 4K 9/6/99 Installation Notes. Explains the various installation files and how to use them.
cnvgap.exe 46K 9/6/99 Conversion Program that must be run to convert your Users, Forums, and Configuration Files to the Version 6.6 format. If you've never run GAP BBS before then you don't need this file.
gapman.pdf 578K 9/6/99 GAP BBS Manual in Acrobat Format. To download the file, right click on the link and choose "save as". The manual is not included in the installation sets so you must download it separately.
gapdosin.exe 1.7M 9/6/99 The DOS based Installation files. Read the installation instructions so that you can create the Floppy Disks that are required. It is better to use one of the Windows based Installation programs instead. This file is for those that are still using DOS.
gapwinin.exe 1.7M 9/6/99 A Windows version of the DOS Installation. With this program, you will not need to create floppy disks in order to install the software.
gapwinex.exe 2.8M 9/21/99 This is the recommended Installation program. It is similar to the basic Windows Install program but it also allows you to install the Windows versions of some of the GAP programs such as GAP Maintenance, GAP Menu and GAP Net.