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If you have a question about GAP BBS, need help with the Installation, or would like to discuss problems and resolutions with other GAP Sysops, this is where to do so.

This Forum is the only means to obtain "Official" Support from GAP Development Company concerning GAP BBS.

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 NewsValhalla GAP BBS Is Now On Telnet Port 24 by C.G. Learn, 12/03/2016
OkAll this stuff by Kenny, 12/14/2016
OkAll this stuff by C.G. Learn, 12/14/2016
Its Beer TimeAll this stuff by Kenny, 12/14/2016
OkAll this stuff by C.G. Learn, 12/14/2016
NoneGMAIL by Kenny, 12/14/2016
NoteEmail by Ruben Figueroa, 1/17/2017
IdeaGAP Stuff by Kenny, 1/17/2017
FeedbackCrows Nest BBS by Ruben Figueroa, 1/18/2017
NoneAll's Well by Kenny, 1/18/2017
OkBBS by Ruben Figueroa, 1/18/2017
 Its Beer TimeAttn Kenny by C.G. Learn, 10/27/2016
AgreeAttn Kenny by Kenny, 10/27/2016
NoneAttn Kenny by C.G. Learn, 10/27/2016
MoreZmodem by Kenny, 10/27/2016
 NoneAtten Kenny - System by C.G. Learn, 9/05/2016
Its Beer TimeCrow's Nest by Kenny, 9/05/2016
NoneCrow's Nest by C.G. Learn, 9/05/2016
 QuestionHey C.G. by Kenny, 8/01/2016
Its Beer TimeHey Kenny by C.G. Learn, 8/23/2016
 Its Beer TimeNew File by Kenny, 7/27/2016
 QuestionMike Ehlert - Net 2 BBS Addition by C.G. Learn, 6/22/2016
NoneNet2BBS Addition by Mike Ehlert, 10/09/2016
OkNet2BBS Addition by C.G. Learn, 10/09/2016
 QuestionGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by C.G. Learn, 6/15/2016
NoneGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by Kenny, 6/15/2016
NoneGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by C.G. Learn, 6/21/2016
QuestionGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by C.G. Learn, 6/21/2016
NoneGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by Kenny, 6/21/2016
NonePKZIP Batch File by Kenny, 6/21/2016
OkGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by C.G. Learn, 6/22/2016
NoneGAPNet (Attn Kenny) by C.G. Learn, 6/28/2016
 QuestionUser Name by Ruben Figueroa, 6/06/2016
NoneUser Name by Mike Ehlert, 6/07/2016
NoteGAP USER NAME by Ruben Figueroa, 6/08/2016
NoteUser Name by Ruben Figueroa, 6/28/2016
 QuestionUser Name/Alias by Ruben Figueroa, 5/28/2016
 OkNFU is working now by Ruben Figueroa, 4/22/2016
OkNFU is working now by Mike Ehlert, 4/22/2016
NewsNFU is working now by Mike Ehlert, 4/24/2016
MoreBeta7 by Ruben Figueroa, 4/25/2016
OkBeta7 by Mike Ehlert, 4/26/2016
FeedbackNet2BBS Beta 7 by C.G. Learn, 4/27/2016
FeedbackBeta7 by Mike Ehlert, 4/28/2016
 FeedbackNetcom Error by Ruben Figueroa, 4/21/2016
QuestionNetCom Error. by Mike Ehlert, 4/22/2016
OkNetCom Error. by Ruben Figueroa, 4/22/2016
OkNetCom Error by Ruben Figueroa, 4/22/2016
MoreNetCom Error by Ruben Figueroa, 4/22/2016
 FeedbackGapNetw Error by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
FeedbackGapNetw Error by Kenny, 4/15/2016
MoreGAPNEW ISAM ERROR by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
 QuestionDoes GAP allow an "exit with errorlevel"? by Mike Ehlert, 4/14/2016
FeedbackError Level Exit by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
FeedbackExit with Errorlevel by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
FeedbackError Level Exit by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
IdeaNFU Shell issue solved by Mike Ehlert, 4/16/2016
QuestionAttention Mike by C.G. Learn, 4/19/2016
NoneAttention C.G. by Mike Ehlert, 4/20/2016
Its Beer TimeAttention C.G. by C.G. Learn, 4/21/2016
QuestionAttention C.G. by C.G. Learn, 4/21/2016
FeedbackAttention C.G. by Mike Ehlert, 4/21/2016
FeedbackAttention C.G. by C.G. Learn, 4/22/2016
QuestionAttention C.G. by Mike Ehlert, 4/22/2016
OkAttention C.G. by C.G. Learn, 4/22/2016
Its Beer TimeAttention C.G. by C.G. Learn, 4/22/2016
IdeaDoes GAP allow an by Kenny, 4/15/2016
NoneDoes GAP allow an by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
 IdeaThe Crow's Nest by Kenny, 4/13/2016
FeedbackRebirth - The Crows Nest by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
IdeaThe Crow's Nest by Mike Ehlert, 4/13/2016
OkThe Crow's Nest by Kenny, 4/14/2016
OkCrows Nest Ftelne by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
 QuestionForums by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
FeedbackDOORS.DAT by Kenny, 4/13/2016
NoneDoors.dat by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
 NoneGAP now runs DOOR32 doors! by Mike Ehlert, 4/12/2016
Its Beer TimeGAP now runs DOOR32 doors! by C.G. learn, 4/13/2016
OkNFU by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
NoteDoor32.sys by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
QuestionDoor32 Doors by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
NoneDoor32 Doors by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
MoreDoor32 doors by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
MoreDoor32 doors by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
FeedbackDoor32 Doors by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
NoneDoor32 Doors on EzCom by Mike Ehlert, 4/17/2016
OkDoor32 Doors on EzCom by Ruben Figueroa, 4/17/2016
NoteNet2bbs by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
NoneNet2BBS by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
FeedbackNet2bbs by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
SadNetFoss 1.14b4 by Ruben Figueroa, 4/14/2016
QuestionNetFoss 1.14b4 by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
FeedbackNetcom by Ruben Figueroa, 4/15/2016
OkNetCom by Mike Ehlert, 4/15/2016
 OkGAPNET by Ruben Figueroa, 4/04/2016
QuestionGAPNET by Mike Ehlert, 4/12/2016
NoneGAPNet by Kenny, 4/13/2016
FeedbackGAPNETW by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
NoneGAPNETW by Kenny, 4/13/2016
FeedbackGAPNETW by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
NoteSettings by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
QuestionMulti Node Conflict by Kenny, 4/13/2016
MoreGAPNETW Multi Node Conflict by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
MoreGAPNet Error on Import/Export by Kenny, 4/13/2016
OkGAPNETW Multi Node Conflict by Ruben Figueroa, 4/13/2016
OkGapnet by C.G. learn, 4/13/2016
 I'm DistressedGAPNET by Ruben Figueroa, 4/04/2016
 NoteD'Bridge and GAPNET by Ruben Figueroa, 4/04/2016
 QuestionGAPNETW by Ruben Figueroa, 4/01/2016
 QuestionGapEcho by Ruben Figueroa, 3/30/2016
OkGAPNet by C.G. Learn, 3/30/2016
 QuestionGAP - Poll by C.G. Learn, 3/04/2016
MoreGAP by Kenny, 3/06/2016
Its Beer TimeKewl by C.G. Learn, 3/06/2016
NoneGAP - Poll by Ruben Figueroa, 3/30/2016
OkGAPNet by C.G. Learn, 3/30/2016
OkLong time ago by Kenny, 4/13/2016
 Its Beer TimeGAP BBS Alive And Well On Telnet - Check It Out! by C.G. Learn, 12/29/2015
 OkUTI Drivers by C.G. Learn, 12/24/2015
OkOld Stuff by Kenny, 12/24/2015
OkThanks by C.G. Learn, 12/24/2015
 Its Beer TimeHeya by C.G. Learn, 11/18/2015
FeedbackAre we still here? by Kenny, 11/18/2015
Its Beer TimeGolden Years by C.G. Learn, 11/18/2015
 NoneGAPnodes - free multinode config utility for GAP by Mike Ehlert, 8/12/2014
 Sad3 NODE LIMIT IN GAP? by Chris Clark, 8/10/2014
DisagreeWow by Kenny, 8/10/2014
FeedbackSorry by Chris Clark, 8/10/2014
NoteWow by Ruben Figueroa, 3/30/2016
 NewsFree Telnet Server for GAP BBS by Mike Ehlert, 8/02/2014
 NewsBad News by Herb Mellinger, 6/19/2014
SadSad by Kenny, 6/19/2014
NoneThat explains Alot by C.G. Learn, 11/18/2015
 Its Beer TimeHi Kenny by C.G. Learn, 10/28/2013
Its Beer TimeWow by Kenny, 10/28/2013
Its Beer TimeWow by C.G. Learn, 10/28/2013
NoneWow by Herb Mellinger, 11/04/2013
OkWowie by Kenny, 11/04/2013
WarningSharon by Kenny, 11/04/2013
Its Beer TimeAwesome by C.G. Learn, 11/05/2013
FeedbackANSI Animation by Kenny, 10/28/2013
MoreToo Fast by Kenny, 10/28/2013
Its Beer Timefast by C.G. Learn, 10/28/2013
Its Beer TimeWasn't It by C.G. Learn, 10/28/2013
Its Beer TimeC.G.'s BBS by Kenny, 10/28/2013
Its Beer TimeC.G.'S BBS by C.G. Learn, 10/28/2013
OkGot It by Kenny, 10/28/2013
 Its Beer TimeKenny is 3 years older...:-) by Herb, 2/18/2012
OkKenny is 3 years older...:-) by Kenny, 2/18/2012
 NoneNetfoss by Rudi Timmermans, 2/17/2012
SadNetFoss by Mike Ehlert, 2/17/2012
AngryDeleted Message by Kenny, 2/17/2012
NewsWell guarded secrets by Kenny, 2/17/2012
FeedbackCommand Line Interface by Kenny, 2/17/2012
QuestionNode Number by Mike Ehlert, 7/31/2014
MoreNode # by Kenny, 7/31/2014
Its Beer TimeNode # by Mike Ehlert, 7/31/2014
FeedbackDefault Dir by Kenny, 7/31/2014
OkNode # (Solved) by Mike Ehlert, 7/31/2014
 QuestionBy chance is there any source code for GAP? by Zerwind, 8/01/2011
 NoneHi To My Old Friends by C.G. Learn, 7/14/2009
 NoneHow are you Holding Up kenny? by Herb, 6/07/2008
OkHi Herb by Kenny, 6/25/2008
NoneConverting.. by Herb, 6/25/2008
QuestionHerb by C.G. Learn, 9/25/2008
Its Beer TimeHey CG by Herb, 9/25/2008
Its Beer TimeOpps - Hehehehehehe by C.G. Learn, 9/25/2008
NoneTransposed!!! by Herb, 9/25/2008
 FeedbackTrying to contact Gap. Email addys reject email by Steve Hansen, 4/19/2007
 Its Beer TimeHi Kenny by C.G. Learn, 2/21/2007
OkWhat's Up by Kenny, 2/21/2007
 Questionlooking for callerid source app by Ljubomir Erdeljan, 7/17/2006
NewsCLACom Source by Kenny, 7/17/2006
 Questionwill this bbs run in a dos window by John Hansen, 3/15/2006
NewsRunning GAP via Telnet by Chris Clark, 9/01/2006
NoneNetfoss by Rudi Timmermans, 2/17/2012
 NoneBad executable by Sean Dennis, 8/28/2005
SadBad GAPNet by Kenny, 8/28/2005
OkExecutable by Sean Dennis, 8/28/2005
NoneUgh by Sean Dennis, 8/28/2005
Its Beer TimeInstall Program by Kenny, 8/28/2005
OkFido by Sean Dennis, 8/28/2005
MoreModem troubles by Kenny, 8/28/2005
QuestionModem Troubles by Sean Dennis, 8/28/2005
 QuestionNetmail by Sean Dennis, 5/07/2005
 Its Beer TimeStill Around Friend !! by Herb, 5/04/2005
I'm DistressedSay it ain't so! by Kenny, 5/04/2005
OkEarly? by Sean Dennis, 5/04/2005
OkEarly by Herb..., 5/05/2005
QuestionIt is So !! by Herb..., 5/05/2005
AgreeUnix and stuff by Kenny, 5/06/2005
AgreeUnix and stuff by Gary Araki, 7/10/2005
Its Beer TimeThe Prodigal Son Returns! by Keny, 7/10/2005
NoneCat dragged in by gary araki, 7/10/2005
NoneFeeling Old! by Mark Turner, 6/20/2005
None4 kids later.... by Tony Summy, 8/04/2005
 QuestionGot it running under OS/2 by Sean Dennis, 5/04/2005
Its Beer TimeOS/2 by Kenny, 5/04/2005
Its Beer TimeOS/2 and the BBS Construction Kit by Sean Dennis, 5/04/2005
NewsBBS Construction Kit by Kenny, 5/06/2005
AgreeBBS Construction Kit by Sean Dennis, 5/06/2005
 Its Beer TimeHow's It Going Kenny by C.G. Learn, 4/27/2005
NewsAll's well by Kenny, 4/27/2005
 OkHello from a register user.... by Dennis Haza, 3/18/2005
 Its Beer TimeHello old freind! by Alexander Mastrando Jr., 10/29/2004
OkVoices from the past by Kenny Gardner, 10/30/2004
Its Beer TimeHello old freind! by Alexander Mastrando Jr., 11/01/2004
 QuestionFront-end mailers by Sean Dennis, 10/28/2004
FeedbackMail Call by Kenny, 10/28/2004
 QuestionHello! by Sean Dennis, 10/27/2004
MoreMainMail by Kenny, 10/27/2004
QuestionOS/2? by Sean Dennis, 10/27/2004
Its Beer TimeConnect by Kenny Gardner, 10/27/2004
IdeaThanks! by Sean Dennis, 10/27/2004 by Doug Rhea, 4/03/2004
Noneyou sent me an email by Nannette Thacker, 12/19/2017
 OkStll The Besy! by Herb, 1/18/2004
OkWhat's Up! by Kenny, 1/18/2004
FeedbackStill Kickin... by Herb..., 1/18/2004
NoneHi Herb... by Tony Summy, 1/23/2004
FeedbackHi Tony!! by Herb Mellinger, 1/24/2004
Nonethanks it well by kid, 5/17/2008
NoneIt's Quackers by Dave Lapso, 9/20/2004
QuestionWhat happened? by Angela Smith, 9/15/2008
NoneWhat happened? by Dave Lapso, 12/30/2008
 NoneGAP BBS is ALIVE 2004? by Danny De Dios, 1/14/2004
 NewsLooking for links to GAP BBS hosts.... by Bradley D. Thornton, 1/03/2004
 OkWow. GAP is still around and FREE. by David Wolfe, 12/23/2003
Its Beer TimeYea, still here! by Kenny, 12/23/2003
Its Beer TimeStill here and still being a geek... by David Wolfe, 12/24/2003
Idea11 years later by Mike Ehlert, 8/12/2014
MoreHacking more Nodes by Kenny, 8/13/2014
IdeaHacking more Nodes by Mike Ehlert, 8/13/2014
OkNode Limit by Kenny, 7/08/2016
 QuestionGap 6.6? by Fr Corey, 6/20/2003
Get a GripSource Code by Kenny, 6/22/2003
Nonehmm, by Fr Corey+, 6/30/2003
 SadAny Luck by C.G. Learn, 2/17/2003
Its Beer TimeMessage Maker by Kenny Gardner, 2/17/2003
NoneMainMail source by Tony Summy, 8/04/2003
OkMainMail by Kenny, 8/04/2003
NoneMessage Maker by Tony Summy, 8/04/2003
Its Beer TimeRS-232 by Kenny, 8/04/2003
NoneMessage Maker by Tony Summy, 8/04/2003
SadOld code by Kenny, 8/04/2003
 IdeaOne Of Tony's Old Programs by C.G. Learn, 11/29/2002
Its Beer TimeMessage Maker by Kenny, 11/29/2002
NoneA Many Thanks by C.G. Learn, 11/30/2002
NoneTony's Old programs or "Old Tony's" programs... by Tony Summy, 8/04/2003
MoreTony's Programs by Herb, 5/02/2004
 SadWin Version Of GapMenu Won't answer the Phone by C.G. Learn, 10/20/2002
Get a GripNo answer by Kenny, 10/20/2002
Its Beer TimeOld Habits by C.G. Learn, 10/20/2002
I'm DistressedXP Compatibility by Kenny, 10/20/2002
NoneNo Ring by C.G. Learn, 10/20/2002
QuestionModem Blues by Kenny, 10/20/2002
NoneA Thought by C.G. Learn, 10/21/2002
NoneA Thought by C.G. Learn, 10/21/2002
MoreBrain Dead by C.G. Learn, 10/21/2002
 QuestionGAPBBS.EXE 99% CPU usage by Charles Pratt, 4/12/2002
QuestionGAPBBS.EXE 99% CPU usage by Mike Ehlert, 10/02/2002
 Its Beer TimeFigured out the problem with NetBios Chat by C.G. Learn, 2/18/2002
 NoneGap is still around? No way by Gary Araki, 2/17/2002
 I'm DistressedNetBios Chat Problem by C.G. Learn, 2/17/2002
FeedbackNetBios Chat by Kenny, 2/17/2002
OkI Figured That by C.G. Learn, 2/17/2002
 QuestionKenny? This is your 'ol buddy Tony van Roon by Tony van Roon, 1/16/2002
Its Beer TimeBulletin Board vs The Internet by Kenny, 1/16/2002
NoneBBS???? chuckle...chuckle by Tony van Roon, 1/17/2002
Get a GripMessage Boards by Kenny Gardner, 1/31/2002
 QuestionHelp!! I am getting lost carrier message by Peter, 5/04/2001
Its Beer TimeNo Carrier by Kenny, 5/05/2001
 QuestionNetModem 32 by Jason, 3/02/2001
FeedbackNetModem by Dave Prescott, 3/04/2005
NoneEnqiry in configurations by Oladele, 11/08/2005
FeedbackNetModem by Dave Prescott, 11/08/2005
OkNetModem by Chris Bahman, 1/13/2006
NoneNetModem on Windows SBS by Dave Prescott, 6/15/2006
AgreeModem Server by Christopher Clark, 4/25/2007
 Questionhow do you alter the welcome message?! by alainna, 2/13/2001
NoneWelcome Screen by Kenny Gardner, 2/13/2001
Get a Gripget a grip by stephanie, 10/18/2003
 QuestionCan it run under LINUX???? by Frenck, 1/27/2001
Get a GripGAP under Linux by Kenny, 2/13/2001
 AngryIs this a bb for personal websites? by Fred, 1/27/2001
Its Beer TimeHyperBBS or GAP BBS? by Kenny, 1/27/2001
Noneforumbbs by Fred, 1/27/2001
QuestionAny ideas when? by Joe McManus, 3/10/2001
 QuestionA few problems...netrunner door, etc by Afrop, 11/29/2000
AgreeNetRunner by Rob Jacob, 5/26/2004
NoneNetRunner by Laurence Taylor, 1/09/2006
 QuestionQuestions, Questions by Jeff Ledger, 11/28/2000
 QuestionGap and Winmodems? by Corey Blake, 11/08/2000
I'm DistressedWin Modems by Kenny, 11/08/2000
 QuestionGAP Callback Verifier? by Richard Bretz, 10/22/2000
NoneGAP Callback Verifier? by Kenny, 11/08/2000
 IdeaGAP Report by C.G. Learn, 10/20/2000
Its Beer TimeGAP Report by Kenny Gardner, 10/20/2000
Its Beer TimeCorrect Address by C.G. Learn, 10/21/2000
 SadGapbbs.cnf not found.... by Skarecrow, 8/27/2000
Its Beer TimeWindows version of GAP Menu by Kenny, 8/28/2000
Noneit will run on your cable modem! by Danny De Dios, 9/09/2000
Nonecool...but still no config file.... by skarecrow, 9/09/2000
Noneconfig file by Danny De Dios, 9/09/2000
AngryWho the hell do you think you are?!? by SKaReCRoW, 10/14/2001
 QuestionGap 6.6 and Netmodem/32 by Robert Todd, 7/06/2000
NoneGap 6.6 and Netmodem/32 by Danny De Dios, 9/09/2000
 Question2 questions by Mike, 6/16/2000
Get a Grip2 answers by Kenny, 8/28/2000
Noneyes it will work via telnet! by Danny De Dios, 9/09/2000
 OkWwhere'd everybody go? by Shari, 5/16/2000
 Questiontelnetable? by Eskimo Bob, 5/10/2000
I'm Distressed*** NO *** by Kenny, 8/28/2000
Noneyes it will work via telnet! by Danny De Dios, 9/09/2000
 QuestionFront Door and Gapnet by Ruben Figueroa, 9/30/1999
 I'm DistressedProgress!! by Shari, 9/27/1999
Get a GripNew Mail by Kenny, 9/30/1999
 QuestionPifs by Shari, 9/26/1999
I'm DistressedYou bought a Celerion Computer, Right? by Kenny, 9/26/1999
QuestionQUACKERS by Shari, 9/27/1999
Questionbeen a long time! by Dana Wood, 6/03/2002
 QuestionNow what did I do? by Shari, 9/25/1999
MoreAnswering by Kenny, 9/25/1999
MoreFossils (me too!) by Shari, 9/25/1999
FeedbackFOSSIL/BAT FILES by Ruben Figueroa, 9/26/1999
 IdeaGAP by Shari, 9/25/1999
OkGap easy to set up?? by Sue in NJ, 5/24/2000
 Questionansi.sys by Shari, 9/24/1999
NoneLoad ansi.sys by Ruben Figueroa, 9/24/1999
 QuestionGapnet by Shari, 9/24/1999
I'm DistressedDon't know what the problem is by Kenny, 9/24/1999
FeedbackGapnet-new install by Shari, 9/24/1999
 Questionnames on task bar by Shari, 9/24/1999
NewsDOS Program Names by Kenny, 9/24/1999
Okdarn Windows! (g) by Shari, 9/24/1999
 Questiondoors by Shari, 9/24/1999
NoneDoors by ruben figueroa, 9/24/1999
Noteadf by Shari, 9/24/1999
NoneUse of adf by Ruben Figueroa, 9/24/1999
OkThanks!!! by Shari, 9/25/1999
Get a GripDoors and Tourist by Kenny, 9/24/1999
 Questionnewmail.exe by Shari, 9/24/1999
Get a GripNew Mail by Kenny, 9/24/1999
Questionhmmm by Shari, 9/24/1999
Its Beer TimeWell Then by Kenny, 9/24/1999
Feedbackwell, darn by Shari, 9/24/1999
 QuestionForums by Shari, 9/24/1999
Its Beer TimeI don't believe you Shari!!! by Kenny, 9/24/1999
 Questionlots of stuff! by Shari, 9/23/1999
Get a GripYes to most by Kenny, 9/23/1999
Its Beer TimeHurrah!! by Shari, 9/23/1999
 QuestionOne more question ;-) by Shari, 9/22/1999
OkWas wondering where you went! by Kenny, 9/22/1999
Oknaps! by Shari, 9/23/1999
Get a GripNO NO NO NO NO NO NO! by Kenny, 9/22/1999
I'm DistressedAck ;-) by Shari, 9/23/1999
Yuk!aye by ak, 1/08/2003
 QuestionDOS vs Windows by Shari, 9/22/1999
Its Beer TimeYes You are or is it You Aren't! by Kenny, 9/22/1999
OkDOS vs Windows by Shari, 9/22/1999
AngryDOS vs Windows by Keeley, 12/19/2007
Angrychange the title by Janene, 10/10/2008
Yuk!both are shit by ak, 1/08/2003
Agreew00t for Linux! by Bullet proof monk...ey, 2/06/2004
 SadGetting discouraged by Shari, 9/22/1999
Get a GripNetworking software by Kenny, 9/22/1999
Feedbacklantastic by Shari, 9/22/1999
FeedbackLantastic by Father Peter Darin, 9/22/1999
Feedbacklantasic by Shari, 9/22/1999
I'm DistressedVersion by Kenny, 9/22/1999
Oklowly 486! by Shari, 9/22/1999
QuestionWhat Dell? by Kenny, 9/22/1999
NewsI like my Dell! by Shari, 9/23/1999
 QuestionConfusion!! by Shari, 9/21/1999
QuestionConfiguration by Kenny, 9/22/1999
Nonenetwork by Sharon McCormick, 9/22/1999
IdeaModem by Kenny, 9/22/1999
OkSportsters by Sharon McCormick, 9/22/1999
AgreeModems by Kenny, 9/22/1999
NoteModems by Shari, 9/23/1999
 I'm DistressedSharon - Last 10 stuff by Kenny, 9/21/1999
NoteTony by Shari, 9/21/1999
 I'm DistressedSpeed dial thingie by Shari, 9/21/1999
I'm DistressedOther Nodes by Kenny, 9/21/1999
OkThingie (g) by Shari, 9/21/1999
Get a GripThats just by Kenny, 9/21/1999
I'm Distressedicon thingie by Shari, 9/21/1999
 Questiongapbbs.cnf by Sharon McCormick, 9/21/1999
Get a GripConfiguration File by Kenny, 9/21/1999
Its Beer TimeWindows! by Shari, 9/21/1999
OkIcon by Kenny, 9/21/1999
Its Beer TimeIgnoring icons by Shari, 9/21/1999
 I'm DistressedProblems by Shari, 9/20/1999
MoreCtree DLL by Kenny, 9/21/1999
 QuestionNetMail by Ruben Figueroa, 9/19/1999
Its Beer TimeReading Mail by Kenny, 9/21/1999
NoneNetmail by Ruben Figueroa, 9/21/1999
Its Beer TimeNet Mail - Echo Mail - What's the difference? by Kenny, 9/21/1999
FeedbackNet/Echo Mail by Shari, 9/21/1999
NoteNetMail by Ruben Figueroa, 9/22/1999
FeedbackNetmail by Shari, 9/22/1999
NewsInit Strings by Kenny, 9/22/1999
Noteinit strings by Shari, 9/22/1999
Its Beer TimeInit by Kenny, 9/22/1999
QuestionModem related by Ruben Figueroa, 9/23/1999
NoneDelayed Response by Kenny, 9/24/1999
Get a GripGAP Menu for Windows by Kenny, 9/22/1999
I'm DistressedWell, that shows how much I know! by Kenny, 9/22/1999
 QuestionGAP Files by Ruben Figueroa, 9/19/1999
Get a GripAdding Forums by Kenny, 9/21/1999
 QuestionLast10 callers by Shari, 9/17/1999
NewsCaller Log Stuff by Kenny, 9/21/1999
Notelast10 by Shari, 9/21/1999
 QuestionHere come the questions!! by Shari, 9/16/1999
MoreThat's about it! by Kenny Gardner, 9/16/1999
Its Beer Timewhich? by Shari, 9/16/1999
Get a GripGAP Menu by Kenny, 9/21/1999
 QuestionTIC Processor by Ruben Figueroa, 9/16/1999
OkTIC Processor by Shari, 9/16/1999
 NoneHub by ruben fiiguera, 9/15/1999
AgreeFidonet by Shari, 9/15/1999
 Its Beer TimeMany questions later! by Shari, 9/14/1999
 OkThis hyperbbs forum software by Shari, 9/11/1999
QuestionHyperBBS by Sue in NJ, 5/24/2000
 Its Beer TimeHi Sharon! by Kenny, 9/11/1999
Its Beer TimeLike a bad penny! by Shari, 9/11/1999
 QuestionThis new Version... by Shari, 9/11/1999
Get a GripNew Version by Kenny, 9/11/1999
Okhardware.... by Shari, 9/11/1999
 OkGAP BBS version 6.6 - Alive and Well by Kenny, 9/01/1999

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